Legislative framework

The issuing of gambling licenses is considered in terms of the Free State Gambling and Liquor Act 2010, Act 6 of 2010, section 62-79.

The types of Gambling licenses which may be issued under this Act are the following:

  • Casino license
  • Limited gambling machine operator licenses
  • Limited gambling machine site licenses
  • Bingo operator licenses
  • Manufacturer, maintenance or supplier licenses
  • Totalizator licenses
  • Bookmaker licenses
  • Race-meeting licenses

A licence grants the holder such rights and privileges and subjects him to such obligations and liabilities as may be regulated by the Act or that ensues from the holding thereof. The maximum number of any kind of licence that may be granted by the Authority, may be prescribed, provided that the maximum number of casino licences that may be granted by the Authority, must at any given time be as determined by the National Gambling Act.


There are four licensed casinos in the Free State, namely the Windmill Casino (Bloemfontein), Naledi Sun (ThabaNchu), Goldfields Casino (Welkom) and the Frontier Inn (Bethlehem).

Limited Pay-Out Machines

The Free State Province was allocated 2000 sites for Limited Pay-out Machines (LPM’s) by the National Gambling Board.  This is part of an overall allocation of about 50000 for the whole country.Limited Pay-out Machines have a maximum stake of R5-00 and a maximum win (pay-out) of R500-00.

The LPM roll-out will, amongst other things, expand the existing modes of gambling within the province and therefore increase the provincial fiscus.  These games will also provide new forms of recreation and entertainment.  The LPM industry provides an opportunity to facilitate the entry of previously disadvantaged persons into the mainstream of the province’s economic activity.  This is made possible by, amongst other things, the fact that the infrastructure required for these machines is not as much as that required for the establishment of casinos. On the 16th September 2011, the first switch-on of the Limited Pay-out Machines in the Free Statetook place at Papa’s Happy Hour in Botshabelo.