What is illegal gambling?

Illegal gambling occurs when an unlicensed operate offer gambling products to the public.

What are the implications of illegal gambling?

Unlicensed and illegal operators pose the following risks;


  • Games offered to punters have not been checked and approved by the regulator to show compliance with the technical standards aim at insuring, among other that the games offered are fair.


  • Illegal operators do not pay tax and as a result they do not contribute to fiscals.

Industry initiatives

  • Illegal operators do not contribute toward industry initiatives, such as contributing to the National Responsible Gambling Programme, which is aimed at minimizing the risk and danger of gambling.

What legislation is used to govern illegal gambling?

The following is a list of relevant Legislation used to combat illegal gambling:

  • National Gambling Act (Act No 7 of 2004)
  • National Lotteries Act (Act No 57 of 1997)
  • Free State Gambling and Liquor Act 6 of 2010
  • Prevention of Organised Crime Act (Act No 121 of 1998)
  • Prevention and Combating of Fraud and Corruption Act (Act No 12 of 2004)

Are the Free State Gambling and Liquor Authority’s inspectorate appointed as Peace Officers?

No, the inspectorate only have jurisdiction as provided for by the Free State Gambling and Liquor Act 6 of 2010, Section 112

Is online gambling legal in South Africa?

According to the National Gambling Act (Act No 7 of 2004) of South Africa, any form of online gambling is illegal.

Do I get arrested if found in an illegal venue when a raid is conducted?

Yes. The law prohibits participation on all forms of illegal activities, which includes illegal gambling.

How can I report illegal gambling?

TheFree State Gambling and Liquor Authorityhas a hotline number to call: 086 1877774

Alternatively you may contact the Business Regulation Manager:Tel: (051) 404 0300


How do I apply for a liquor licence?

Visit your nearest Free State Gambling and Liquor office and our officials will help you fill in the necessary forms and advise you which documentation to attach. You can also contact your nearest Regional Office and they will advise you on the progress of your application.

How long does the application process take?

According to the act, the application takes 60 working days to be processed, this remains the case provided all application requirements are adhered to.

How much does it cost to apply for a liquor licence?

Costs for applying for a liquor licence differ from licence to licence.

Can I get a temporary licence while waiting for my application to be finalised?

No, the Liquor Board does not issue temporary licences and it is illegal to trade without a licence.

Who can apply for a liquor licence?

Any person over the age of 18 who is a South African citizen can apply and the applicant must also have the right to occupy the premises applied for.

Are there any other fees I pay after I get my licence?

Yes, there is a validation/activation fee payable which will be stated on your licence and your office will advise you about annual renewal fees. These fees vary depending on the Kind of registration you have applied for.

Is it my fault that I didn’t know that licences are renewed on an annual basis?

In terms of Free State Gambling and Racing Board Act 6 of 1996, a registered person who has not received a notice does not absolve such registered person from the duty to pay the annual fees timely.