Licensing process


The application processrelating to the gambling industry is basically the same for all types of applications. It differs from liquor registration applications in that in liquor each type of application has different requirements and process documents. Chapter 4 of the Free State Gambling and Racing Act applies only to gambling and deals with Licensing (Part 1), Conditions (Part 2) and Employees of Gambling Business (Part 3).


Part 1 deals with the following aspects relating to licensing;

  • National norms and standards
  • Disqualification for licences in general
  • Kinds of licences
  • Applications
  • Application fees
  • Objections
  • Application, objections and public hearings
  • Investigations and police reports
  • Temporary licences in respect of incomplete premises
  • Casino licences
  • Limited gambling machine operator licences
  • Limited gambling machine site licences
  • Bingo operator licences
  • Manufacturer, maintenance or supplier licences
  • Race-meeting licences
  • Totalizator licences
  • Bookmaker’s licences
  • Special licences
  • Suspension or revocation of licence
  • Transfer, removal and amendment of licence


Part 2 of Chapter 4 deals with the following aspects relating to conditions of licences;

  • General conditions of licences
  • Electronic monitoring system for gambling machines
  • Financial interests in business of licensee
  • Suitability of third parties
  • Gambling devices
  • Books, accounts and records
  • Control of entry to certain premises
  • Excluded persons
  • Advertisement
  • Credit
  • Rules of certain games
  • Assistance to customers
  • Duration of licence
  • Licence fees
  • Duty to display licence
  • Duty to produce licence or certificate
  • Renewal of licence
  • Payment in respect of exclusivity

Employees of Gambling Business

Part 3 of Chapter 4 deals with aspects relating to employees of gambling businesses;

  • Requirement for certain employees
  • Application for certificate
  • Disqualifications for certificates of approval
  • Register of employees
  • Duration of certificate
  • Renewal of certificate
  • Suspension and withdrawal of certificate
  • Employment before issue of certificate
  • Restrictions applicable to employees